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Gayle Turner

Disney Gals
Owner/Co-Founder Disney Gals
Santa Rosa, CA
I am a lifelong educator by day, currently sharing my days with Kindergarten students and avid writer by night as the owner and cofounder of the Disney Gals, one of the most popular Disney blogs around! Proud mommy to 5, Grammy to 4 I am blessed to share my life with my amazing family and friends who encourage me to chase my dreams no matter where they may lead. When not in the classroom, I can be found following my youngest son as he dances his way through life, or working with young performers in a free nationally recognized after school children’s theater program that I founded 13 years ago or working with other performing arts groups in the the county. On any given day you will find me skipping my way through life with a giggle and a smile knowing in my heart that today is meant to be lived and enjoyed. Believe in the possibilities....live your dreams